Eating Aids / Grip Utensils / Adaptive Dinnerware

Technical Crockery for Independant Living. Grip Utensils / Eating Aids - for those who struggle with weak grip or limited hand function. The thicker handle is ideal for users with a hand cast that prevents them from holding smaller, traditional silverware. It is also great for those with hand arthritis or other conditions that make gripping objects difficult. These utensils are also dishwasher safe for easy, convenient cleaning.

Brands ...
  • Saint Romain (15)
  • Tenura (9)
Color Family ... As-Shown Blue Gray Red All
Adhesive Discs-T-CH Adhesive Discs-T-CH
Adhesive Strips-T-CS Adhesive Strips-T-CS
Bottle Opener-T-B Bottle Opener-T-B
Coaster, TC-14 Coaster, TC-14
Coaster, TC-9 Coaster, TC-9
Cup Cap, T-CC Cup Cap, T-CC
Cup Holder, T-CH Cup Holder, T-CH
Cutlery Grip, T-CG Cutlery Grip, T-CG
Easyeat Suitcase Easyeat Suitcase
Fork Flexible Plastic Fork Flexible Plastic
Glass 20517 Glass 20517
Glass Lid Glass Lid
Glass Support Non-Slip Glass Support Non-Slip
Jar Opener, T-J Jar Opener, T-J
Knife Flexible Plastic Knife Flexible Plastic
Plate 3-Compartments Plate 3-Compartments
Plate High Edge Plate High Edge
Plate High Edge, A Plate High Edge, A
Plate High Edge, Non-Slip Plate High Edge, Non-Slip
Plate Non-Slip Plate Non-Slip
Spoon Ergo 3D Spoon Ergo 3D
Spoon Flexible Plastic Spoon Flexible Plastic
Spoon Special Cutlery Spoon Special Cutlery
Support Two Handle Support Two Handle