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Lab Coat, Teti  ( C$132.95   ea)

ConfezioniCappello / Dental Lab Coats

Color/Print -  WHT
               Size -  S

  • Buttoning
  • Two pockets
  • Fitting at the waist
  • Long sleeves
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CONFEZIONI CAPPELLO, wants to give you the best... always strictly, MADE IN ITALY!

Research and technology are strength points of CONFEZIONI CAPPELLO, the first firm that has presented on the national market a professional wearing line completely realized in antimicrobial fabrics.

SILPURE - the new generation silver antimicrobial technology for fabrics.  Heat and humidity facilitate the development of bacteria, that cause bad smell.  This is natural, and the solution is natural too.  The pure silver used in fabrics treated by Silpure technology removes bacteria that cause bad smell, avaoiding their reproduction and giving a nice and long-lasting sensation of freshness.  Silver is saf and effective:

  • Silver is natural
  • Always used in medical field
  • Not carcinogenic neither mutagenic
  • Not irritating (it does not interfere with the sensitive of the skin)
  • No risk of bacterial resistance