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SPA Apron, Y  ( C$9.95   ea)

ShaGha / 
99% Polyester, 1% Carbon

Color/Print -  YLW
               Size -  Adult

Barrier Apron for SPA, Physio, and Aesthetic Clinics - Unisex

  • Drape you or your patient with a Barrier Apron to protect clothing from splatters and debris.
  • Made with soft, durable fluid and stain resistant 100% polyester.
  • Reusable, Machine washable in hot water.
  • Water Repellent, Protective Anti-Fluid Fabric.
  • Moisture barrier fabric with inherent static control properties
  • Simple round neck design, comfortable and wide without deformation.
  • Savings - Choosing reusable textiles over single-use disposable products can save up to 50%
  • Exceptional sustainability - reducing medical waste as much as 80%
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