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Clog, Balder, Blue  ( C$41.95   pair)

Suecos / Balder

Color/Print -  Blue
               Size -  5.5 - 6.5 7 - 8

Clogs for Nurses - Balder

  • Clogs that can be sterilised at temperatures from 120 C to 130 C.
  • Balder reduces muscular fatigue and helps to improve the distribution of pressure across the sole of your foot.
  • Made of high-quality soft thermoplastic. Built-in silicone insole.
  • Contains no toxic substances. Recyclable.
  • For use in the workplace, for example in industrial manufacturing (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.), sterile cleanrooms and especially in healthcare areas such as operating theatres and clinics.
  • We advise against cleaning Suecos in a washing machine.
  • Do not use a spin cycle. Do not tumble dry.
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