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Clog, Skoll, Black  ( C$28.95   pair)

Suecos / Skoll

Color/Print -  BLK
               Size -  5.5 6 7 8

Comfort, allow me to introduce you to affordability. Skoll is indeed very comfortable and affordable. One day we asked ourselves inchCan we offer our loyal professionals a very affordable model, without necessarily compromising the quality that is the hallmark of Suecos? inch. Now that Skoll is one of our best-sellers, the answer is no longer inchyes we can inch but rather inchyes we did! inch.

Skoll comes in 6 colors, including a new 'heavenly blue', ensuring that every professional will no longer have any uniform hassles.

Ultraweight, Skoll requires up to 66% less muscle effort than regular shoes. Skoll absorbs the bodyweight and provides a relaxing feeling in feet, knees and back. The ventilation ports allows the air to circulate and prevents feet from becoming too warm. The innersole nubs stimulates blood circulation. Optional insole available.

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