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Bite Registration, Light  ( C$39.95   kit)

Hedy / 

Color/Print -  ASN
               Size -  Standard

Super Hydrophilic Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material (VPS) - Light

  • Create highly accurate impressions that resist distortion and tearing when being removed.
  • They are available in a range of viscosities from light body, that can be administered with a syringe, to heavy body and putty materials usually used for bite impressions.
  • Excellent tear strength to maintain impression integrity
  • Precise impressions no matter what technique you use.
  • Exceeds ISO 4380 standard which will help eliminate remakes
  • Incredibly accurate, super hydrophilic materials
  • Unique impression integrity
  • Excellent tear strength
  • Gluten Free
  • Available in regular and fast set in all viscosities
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