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Urinal Pro Kit, KUL04  ( C$82.95   20/Box)

hygie / 

Color/Print -  ASN
               Size -  Standard

Urinal ProKit

  • The Vomit ProKit manages effectively vomiting in any circumstance.
  • It combines in a single economical format the Vomit Support and Vomit Hygienic covers (vomit bags).
  • The Vomit Support is designed to be used with Hygienic Covers (vomit bags) and to capture vomit in all situations.
  • It can be hooked to the bed side bar or commode and the multiple handfles around the support allow a better grip and greater stability.
  • The Vomit Hygienic Cover is made from recycled materials and, within 30 seconds, the Super-Absorbent Pad contained in the Hygienic Cover solidifies 600 ml and more of body fluids.
  • After use, simply tie and discard at the designated area.
  • Benefit - Can be used in all situations (emergencies, oncology, medicine, ambulances, etc.) for anyone vomiting
  • Benefit - Eliminates cleaning chores
  • Benefit - No more splashing and spills
  • Benefit - Ideal for emptying colostomy bags
  • Benefit - Very effective and convenient for patients with chronic pulmonary obstruction (sputum)
  • Benefit - Fast and easy to implement
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