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Otoscope, with Camera  ( C$899.95   ea)

SyncVision / 

Color/Print -  ASN
               Size -  One Size

Intraoral Camera - iO1P

  • Portable, Simplify, Ergonomics Device - iO1P digital scope series increase effeciency of each treatment process, it offers immediate communication between the physicial and patient.
  • Changeable Probe - Simple and fast assemble probe easy the physicial to navigate and observe different Dentist's condition.
  • Easy to capture and review - Images and video can be captured by one clink and reviewed on screen
  • Built-in LCD - Allows the dentist and patient imeediately see the crystal clear image with vivd color.
  • Instant set-up - No wiring, no installation, built-in battery. Compared to the traditional intraoral camera, our cordless product is much simpler and easy to use.
  • User-friendly operation - High quality images can be instantly captured and stored in the device by a single click on the freeze button. Images can be reveiwed by clicking the left and right button.
  • Optional changeable Flexible probe - Flexible Probe makes it easy for physician to observe different angles of the intraoral and nasal cavity.
  • Brightness adjustment - It prevents blurriness problems by providing brightness adjustment to adapt to different inspection conditions.
  • Moveable Micro SD Card - It alows users to save over 10,000 images, which can be transferred via USB cable to the computer
  • Built-in battery - Built-in battery can operate with 3.5 hours runtime. Battery status and level are displayed on the LCD screen.
  • Video out display - Video outet and USB camera option enables syschroni display of the image on an external monitor, improving the communication between the physician and patient.
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