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Clog, Skoll, Light-Blue

Clog, Skoll, Light-Blue

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Clogs for Nurses - Skollight Blue

  • Top comfort at a low price.
  • Relaxing and comfortable. A multipurpose clog.
  • Ultralight in weight, Skoll reduces muscular effort by up to 66%.
  • They absorb the weight, adding to the sense of relaxation felt by your feet, knees and back.
  • Suitable for everyday use. Designed for people who spend a long time on their feet.


  • We advise against cleaning Suecos in a washing machine.
  • If it is necessary to clean them in a washing machine, use a short, cold-water programme, maximum temperature 50 C.
  • Do not use a spin cycle. Do not tumble dry or expose to heat. Use a soft cloth to dry.
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