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Tray, Rubber Dam

Tray, Rubber Dam

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Dental Rubber Dam Tray, 7 pcs

The Rubber Dam Tray is a necessary tool for all restorative procedures. It consists of five components: a Rubber Dam Sheet, a Rubber Dam Punch, a Rubber Dam Clamp, a Clamp Holder, and a Rubber Dam Frame. These components work together to provide effective isolation of the tooth for a successful procedure.

These instruments are utilized to isolate the tooth under treatment from the oral environment. Isolation is mandatory to prevent salivary contamination and aspiration of instruments into patients throat. Precise tension gives clamps flexibility to stretch around specified teeth and strength to retain shape while holding down rubber dam.

All instruments are made from Surgical Grade stainless steel and used by professionals. Made in Pakistan. Assembled, Inspected, and Packaged in Canada. 

This Tray contains the following Autoclavable instruments

  1. Rubber Dam Clamp #0
  2. Rubber Dam Clamp #212
  3. Rubber Dam Clamp #3
  4. Rubber Dam Clamp #4
  5. Rubber Dam Clamp Holder
  6. Rubber Dam Frame, Adult
  7. Rubber Dam Hole Puncher

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    • Rubber Dam
    • Rubber Dame Template
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