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Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet

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SKU: FT-ASN-2062


Real Leather Ladies Wallet

The finest quality premium leather, we strive to create leather goods that live up to both our high standards and your high expectation at the right price. We assure you, you will enjoy the ShaGha leather products for a long time!
For those wanting a great deal of storage, the Long Wallet fits the bill.
  • With twelve credit card slots and two large pockets for bills and receipts, this wallet carries more than any other in the product line.
  • It is best carried in either a breast pocket or a bag.
  • Measures 165mm x 85mm when folded.
  • Stitching doesn't just need to be what holds the leather together - it can be a place to get creative: A lighter shade for a slight accent, matching stitching for a classic look, or even choosing a completely different color for a bold, high contrast look.
  • Optional personalization; Add your initials to your wallet, in either gold or silver foil, for a completely personalized look.
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