Gowns / PJs

Loose-fitting garments worn by patients in medical settings, caring for Patient Modesty and Patient Comfort. Available in Open-Back Gowns, Tie Closure Gown, Snap Closure Gown, Hook-and-Loop Fastener Gown, Cotton Gown, and Cotton-Polyester Blend Gown. Variety of gowns - Pediatric Gown, Maternity Gown, Imaging Test Gown, Infection Control Gown, Diagnostic Imaging Gown. Also known as Medical Gown, Hospital Gown, Patient Attire. Reusable Patient Gown, Medical Examination Gown, Regulatory Compliance Gown, Post-Surgical Gown, Adaptable Gown, Home Care Gown, Patient Dressing, Procedure Gown, Emergency Room Gown