Staff Uniform Program


Staff Uniforms reflect the appearance of your workers. One of the first things customers noticed in uniforms is that we can make sure your employees look their finest in high-quality uniforms. Get Uniforms for your staff with us. We offer customized uniforms as per your specifications in different colors and patterns.

Adopt a branded, color-coded staff uniform program to identify who each member of the staff is.

Improve the professional appearance of your healthcare staff and make it easy for patients, residents, and visitors to identify their caregivers and brand your clinic/facility.

Why Place a Group Order?

  1. Discount - Who does not love a good deal? Starting at 12 scrub sets, 12 lab coats, or 12 pcs of any other Apparel, we will chop 20% off the price. Order more and we will break out the chainsaw (30% off)! Oh yeah, these discounts apply to any embroidery you want too.
  2. Sample - Tell us what you want to see and we will send it right to your door. Your team can try it on, check the quality, and confirm the color.
  3. Personal Touch - Whether you want a logo, personal name, or company name embroidery on apparel, we have got you.

How to Group Order?

  1. To kick things off, order a sample.
  2. We will be in touch right away to find out which style, size, and color you want us to include in your sample order.
  3. Get your sample order and have your very own fashion show.
  4. Once the votes are in, tell us and we will help you to place your order.
  5. Not sure you are ready to order yet, give us a call to get answers to your concerns or questions.

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