GDRP (General Data Protection Regulation)


The primary aim of the regulation is to protect individual data, which can be classified into two categories: personal data and sensitive personal data.

The first group includes emailsphysical addressesIP addresses, or any other information that can help to identify a user, while the latter covers information related to healthbiometrics, and genetics.

What should Canadian businesses/customers know about GDPR?

  • The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on May 25, 2018, and will have implications for many Canadian organizations, particularly those controlling or processing personal information in the European Union or of EU data subjects.
  • The GDPR represents an overhaul of the European Union's data protection laws and replaces Data Protection Directive 95/46EC and its member state implementing legislation.
  • The GDPR places onerous accountability obligations on controllers (organizations that determine the purposes and means of processing data) and processors (organizations that actually process the personal data on behalf of controllers).

An overview of what we do to comply with GDPR.

Data Rectification: You can use these links to update your account data if it is not accurate.

  • Edit your account info.
  • Change your password.
  • Address.
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe to our newsletter.

Data Portability: You can use these links to download all the data we store and use it for a better experience in our store.

  • GDPR requests.
  • Personal Info.
  • Saved addresses.
  • Orders.

Access to Personal Data: You can use these links to request a report which will contain all personal that we store for you.

  • Request a report.

Right to be Forgotten: Use this option if you want to (permanently) remove your personal and other data from our store.

  • Request personal data deletion.