Medical Homecare Supplies

Essential items and equipment used to provide care and support to individuals receiving healthcare services at home. These supplies help ensure the well-being and comfort of patients, as well as aid healthcare professionals in delivering appropriate medical care. The specific supplies needed can vary based on the patient's condition and the type of care required.

Common medical homecare supplies we carry include Incontinence Supplies, Personal Hygiene Products, Bedpans and Urinals, Gauze, Bandages, and Dressings, Antiseptic Solutions, Blood Pressure Monitors, Glucose Monitor, Pulse Oximeters, Fall Prevention Aids, Pill Organizers, Prescription, Dispensers, and Sleep Apnea Supplies.

  • Adaptive Clothing

    Clothing for individuals with reduced mobility or in rehabilitation to easily dress up. Attention is paid to approaching the look of ordinary clothing and ease of nursing.

  • Dinnerware for Seniors

    Non-Skid or Weighted Base, Easy-to-Grip Handles, Lightweight Materials, Divided Plates, Contrasting Colors, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe, Temperature Resistance, Adaptive Utensils, Wide-Rimmed Plates, Nesting or Stackable Design, BPA-Free Materials, Anti-Slip Placemats

  • Gowns for Seniors

    Cozy flannel and cotton nightgowns, patient gowns, IV gowns, and pyjamas for men and women. Different patterns and
    different styles.

  • Incontinence Supplies

    Diapers, pads, and other products for individuals with bladder or bowel control issues. Wipes, no-rinse cleansers, and other hygiene items. Bedpans and Urinals for individuals who may have difficulty using a regular bathroom.

  • Sleep Apnea Supplies

    CPAP Mask, CPAP Hose, Oral Appliances, CPAP Filters, CPAP Chin Strap

  • Pill Organizers

    Organize medication according to the days of the week and times of the day. These organizers are especially useful for people who take multiple medications on different schedules. Common types of pill organizers are Daily Pill Organizers, Weekly Pill Organizers, Monthly Pill Organizers, and Travel Pill Organizers

  • Prevention Aids

    Hip Protectors, Non-slip mats, handrails, and other items to reduce the risk of falls.

  • Utensils / Holloware

    Like Kidney trays, bed pans, urinals, surgical instrument trays, gallipot & sputum mugs, dressing drums, and forceps jars are used during the medical procedure, and patient care.