Data Analysis

Our Data Analysis services encompass a range of industry-wise activities and frameworks designed to assist organizations in analyzing, documenting, processing, and managing their data effectively. These services can be crucial in helping businesses make correct decisions, enhance productivity, and gain a competitive edge - Manage Your Data to Manage Your Business Better

Business Process Modeling

We take a disciplined approach to identifying, designing, executing, documenting, measuring, monitoring, and controlling both automated and non-automated business processes to achieve consistent, targeted results.

  • We create Business Process Models(BPM) using BPM Notation.
  • As required we can create "As IS" and "TO BE" business process models.
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Data Catalogue

Collect, stitch, Record, Publish, and manage all the business terms associated with your data. Enforce the consistent use of terms in your organization or facility.

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Reverse Engineering

We can extract design information, models, conditions, or logic from any legacy systems – regardless of RDMS and the language. 

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Reference Card - Tridal Volume

Reference Data Management

Manage classifications and hierarchies across systems and business lines. Reference data is data that defines the values that are used to classify and characterize other data.

In simple terms, Lookup tables that provide users with consistent values when inputting data like dates, nations, genders, or industries into a database or application may seem straightforward, but managing this information across a large business may be surprisingly tricky.

You must strategically manage lookup values, reference code, code tables, and reference hierarchies to maximize reference data’s utility.

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Data Cleansing

Our service involves profiling the data, finding patterns, duplications, and errors and ensuring the data quality.

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Data Classification

We profile and identify Business Data, Market Data, Key Data, Audit Data, Public Data, Internal Data, Confidential Data - a pre-requisite for Data / Cyber Security, Data Quality, Data Governance implementation.

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Data Mapping

Whether you doing data migration, merging, replication, and/or enhancing your ETL. We can create source to target data mapping, including data lineage, data dictionary, and business process diagrams.

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Data Profiling

We learn and understand existing data by using meta-tables - a quick and faster way to know existing data sets, dictionaries, and relationships, very little time from you to teach us what and where exist.

Once we have the read-only access we can do the data profiling and present you data lineage (data sources, storage, and its consumers), existing data patterns, data violations, and orphan data.

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