Data Solutions

Manage Your Data to Manage Your Business Better

We combine our deep industry knowledge with expertise in digital solutions and analytics to create meaningful outcomes for clients. Seeking a single source

  • To keep track of inbound / outbound staff, patients, and visitors logs
  • Be aware of your resources, devices, and certification records renewals, and expiries on time,
  • Manage your medical device records,
  • Know your reference data like codes and their descriptions, your industry, your healthcare facility, and your procedures and practice glossary.   

easy Contactless Entry Manager

You've used and followed the best practices to keep paper records of each and every patient or visitor in the past. Now more than ever, safety, social distancing, and contactless interactions are the top priority for everyone.

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easy Clinic Resource Manager

To manage clinic various resources effectively, involves planning so that the right resources are assigned to the right procedure / task. Managing resources involves schedules and budgets for supplies, instruments, equipment, and licenses.

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easy Clinic Assets Manager

Have you ever needed something "right now" and then wasted far too much time searching for it? You need a system to keep track of the location and status of clinic assets (like instruments, devices, equipment).

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