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Anti-Strip Jumpsuit, Full Sleeves

Anti-Strip Jumpsuit, Full Sleeves

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SKU: FG-ASN-2040


Adaptive / Senior Clothing - Day-n-Night Overalls

  • Clothing to easy dress up. Idea for day and night use making life easier for patients and caegivers.
  • Clothing that can easily be taken off by means of zippers
  • Take the stress out of getting dressed
  • Whether youre managing a chronic condition, healing from injury, or working with reduced mobility or a disability, we offer a wide range of fashion cloths designed to remove the awkward stress and uncomfortable strain of traditional clothing features
  • Whether you struggle with fasteners, zippers, buttons, ties or laces, we can offer simple solutions to make clothing less complicated.
  • Our fashions selected for seniors offer classic designs so you can look good without the time-consuming fuss of high-fashion detailing.
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