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Clipboard, Nurse Assist 94504

Clipboard, Nurse Assist 94504

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SKU: FX-ASN-3322


Nursing Clipboard w/Calculator

First-rate medical tools including nursing clipboard with attached solar powered calculators. Easy clean and disinfect, Durabe molded plastic, Multi function solar calculator clip, Integrated pen holder, Locker hangable.
  • Medical Abbreviations
  • IV Drip/Flow Rate Formula
  • Injection Route Information
  • Glasgow Coma scale
  • Cranial nerves
  • Vital signs, Pulse Point and Grading
  • Edema, Pressure Ulcer Stages
  • Heart Assessment Points
  • Blood Gas Values, Lung Sounds
  • Pain Assessment and Scale
  • EKG And Patterns, Pupil Gauge
  • Volume/Weight/Length Conversion
  • Temperature Conversion
  • Imperial and Metric Measurements
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