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Compression Socks, 045CGR

Compression Socks, 045CGR

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SANKOM Patent Sock is a revolutionary sock with stage-by-stage targeted compression which helps prevent the cause of venous blood stagnation and fight the negative consequencesof excess blood in the lower body.
  • Daily wear
  • Workout
  • Pregnancy
  • Flight and long travels
  • Long days on the feet
  • Driving and sitting in the office


  • Prevents the cause of blood pooling
  • Active graduated compression
  • Reduces swellingand heaviness
  • Comfortable and breathable material
  • Energizes tired and achy legs
  • Improves blood circulation
The SANKOM Patented Socks combine innovative functions, smooth material, and accomplished design. The result is outstanding wearing experience with a unique targeted compression and best quality. The SANKOM Patented Socks are the only socks in the world to both prevent the cause and fight the consequences of blood pooling. This Product is Patented and endorsed by Swiss Medical Doctors.
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