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Dental Rubber Dam, Relaxed Fit, Non-Latex

Dental Rubber Dam, Relaxed Fit, Non-Latex

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Latex-Free Insti-Dam Relaxed Fit

  • Single Use. Ideal for posterior isolation.
  • The extra inch of relaxed inch material in the Relaxed Fit Insti-Dam makes for quick posterior placement - no stretching, tearing, or pulling.
  • Built-in flexible medium gauge material that comes pre-assembled with frame and pre-punched hole.
  • The pre-punched hole makes positioning easy and allows easy and allows eyes and nose to be open and comfortable.
  • Helps eliminate tearing (additional holes can be punched)
  • Compact design fits outside patients lips, easy-to-use, non-threating and comfortable for patients.
  • Radiographs may be taken by folding it to the side.
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