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Elastic Rubber Bands Placer

Elastic Rubber Bands Placer

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SKU: TPO-037a


Orthodontic Elastic Placer for Bracers

Enhance your orthodontic procedures with the essential Elastic Rubber Bands Placer. This convenient pack of 100pcs features disposable plastic placers, providing a hygienic and hassle-free experience. With precision and comfort in mind, these placers are specifically designed for effortless application of elastic bands on braces. The vibrant assortment of colors adds a playful touch to each orthodontic appointment.
  • Trust in the high quality and efficiency of these disposable placers for a seamless orthodontic experience.
  • Easy removal of rubber bands without hurting nails, the product comes with hatpin hook rubber band easy to take it off and say goodbye to the damage caused by buckle and drag. 
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