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Fluoride Trays, 2 Arch, Disposable

Fluoride Trays, 2 Arch, Disposable

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Fluoride Trays, Hinged Double Arch

Fluoride trays are a great way to add topical fluoride to your teeth for deep cavity prevention, fortifying your enamel, and fighting tooth decay.

The tray includes a hinge that can be folded away, reducing the gag reflex and aiding in easy separation for using a single tray. The long locking tabs ensure cleanliness and make it easier to insert and remove. Its anatomical design and buccal ridge provide comprehensive fluoride coverage for the entire tooth, while contoured walls prevent overflow and ingestion of fluoride.

It is made of PE material mainly used for washing teeth and protecting fluorine. Soft and flexible, it is comfortable for patients to bite. It can bite the upper and lower at the same time, making the treatment process more convenient and quick.

  • Double Arch
  • Color-coded Sizes: Large (Blue), Medium (Yellow), Small (Green)
  • Placement handle for easy use
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