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Gluma Comfort Bond & Desensitizer

Gluma Comfort Bond & Desensitizer

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Gluma Comfort Bond and Desensitizer

With the Gluma Comfort Bond + Desensitizer you can prime, bond, and desensitize in a single no-mix step. The material indicated for bonding direct fill light curing composite or compomer restorations can also be used for bonding indirect restorations.

It is a 5th generation, light-cured, single-component bonding agent for use in combination with adhesive restorations primes, bonds, and desensitizes in one no-mix step.

  • Good bond strength
  • Suitable for both moist and dry bonding techniques
  • Indicated for bonding direct fill, light-curing composite, Polyglas, and compomer restorations
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