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Measuring Ruler, Gutta-Percha

Measuring Ruler, Gutta-Percha

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Gutta-Percha Measuring Ruler

For accurate measurement of the diameter of the apex of the main apex of the gutta-percha, and can also be used as a tool for inspecting the wear of the root canal instrument.

 Length range 30 mm, hole diameter is from 20-80, a total of 11 tapered holes, which can meet the requirements of gutta-percha point accuracy length and diameter.

  • Ultra-high accuracy, the accuracy does not change under different environments. 
  • Health and environmental protection. Ceramic material itself has chemical stability, antioxidant, restlessness, acid, and corrosion resistance. Made of Zirconia.
  • Stylish appearance, mellow color, and pure, jade texture, bring noble enjoyment.
  • Smooth surface, easy to clean.
  • High hardness, high wear resistance.
  • High temperature and pressure resistance.
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