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Impression Material (VPS), Heavy

Impression Material (VPS), Heavy

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4 Cartridges

SKU: M3-VMM3-3015


Impression Material (VPS), Heavy

Vinyl Polysiloxane, a Super Hydrophilic Impression Material from MARK3 is a quick, economical way to take impressions while providing immaculate results. It is super hydrophilic, with excellent tear strength and exceptional dimensional stability.

Available for single-step & double-step impression techniques. Compatible with all automatic mixing units.

  • High-performance cartridge system - easier to extrude
  • Excellent dimensional stability decreases distortions.
  • Fast and Regular set working times
  • No odor or irritation allowing greater patient comfort
  • Pleasant mint flavour
  • Made in the USA

Setting Times

Regular Set - Working Time: 2 min 30 Sec - Set Time: 1 min

Fast Set - Working Time: 1 min - Set Time: 1 min

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