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Isolation Power Pack

Isolation Power Pack

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Isolation 360 Power Pack

  • Zirc has the most extensive and innovative line of isolation products in the industry.
  • They are practices that may be using one isolation device, not knowing there is something else that could be more beneficial to the procedure.
  • With the isolation360 Power Pack, practices are able to explore and utilize different isolation products finding the best fit for their needs.
  • We have isolation device for every situation!
  • Includes: 1 ideal Usage Chart, 5 Lingua-Fix, 20 SE Cusion, 10 Pink Petal, 9 Airway Armor (3 Small, 3 Medium, 3 Large), 10 Mr. Thirsty One-Step (5 Pedo/Small 5 Med/Large), 10 Insti-Dam (5 Original 5 Relaxed Fit)
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