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IV Gown, B5

IV Gown, B5

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IV Treatment Patient Gown - B5

  • Gowns for telemetry monitoring and IV Treatment.
  • Sweep/Hem: 66 inch, Length: 49 inch, In-sleeve 5 inch
  • Overlap Opening, Buttons / Loops, Pockets, Piping
  • Machine washable.
  • Ease - Medical staff appreciated, easy to put on, inject medicine, and/or check condition. Preferred for transfer of a patient between departments and/or overnight sleep.
  • Closures - Stainless Steel Snap / Plastic Snaps on sleeves for use during MRI procedures or surgery. The easy-snap sleeves allow the staff to treat patients effortlessly while keeping the patient more comfortable.
  • Compare - Traditional gowns vs our practical, soft, comfortable, stylish, designed carefully for the dignified look, durably constructed offer fuller cuts, a variety of closure options, and fit almost any facility budget.
  • Optional - Color-coded trim on sleeves available (for example green for outpatients and blue for hospitalize patients).
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