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Kit, Suture, 9 Pcs

Kit, Suture, 9 Pcs

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Suture Kit, 9 Pcs

This 9-piece Suture Kit includes a pad with 3 layers, replicating the texture and appearance of real human skin and tissue. It comes with 9 pre-formed lacerations, suitable for a wide range of laceration types. Additionally, the pad is divided into 3 zones, providing the opportunity to perfect all suturing techniques. The kit is designed for multiple uses and practice sessions.

Note: Not intended for human, animal, or medical use.  These sutures are not intended for use on anything other than practice on the suture pad.

This kit contains:

  • Scalpel Handle #3, 1 pcs
  • Dressing Forceps 16 cm, 1 pcs
  • Mayo Hager Needle Holder 16 cm, 1 pcs
  • Suture Pad, 1 pcs
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