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Reference Card - CNA

Reference Card - CNA

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Nursing Reference Cards Set

  • Set includes the following cards in display order starting from top left to right then down
  • EKG Diagram Ruler
  • Common Healthcare Conversions
  • Med Math Drip Titration
  • Adult Vital Signs
  • Anatomical Reference Diagram
  • Wt Conversion General
  • Lab Values
  • Wong-Baker FACES® w/ Spanish
  • Dermatome Diagram
  • 12 Lead EKG Placement
  • Pedi Vital Signs Milestones
  • Insulin Pharmacokinetics
  • GCS/AMS Pupil Tool
  • Durable waterproof card made of plastic
  • Same size as a standard badge ID card (or credit card size; 3 3/8 inch by 2 1/8 inch)
  • About half the thickness of a credit card so it won't feel bulky or weigh down your badge reel
  • Double sided and uses the entire printable area to maximize the total information
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