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Set, Steel Impression Tray, Perforated

Set, Steel Impression Tray, Perforated

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10 pcs/set

SKU: SG-Impression-Tray-Set


Perforated Impression Tray, 10 pcs

Explore pre-configured dental instrument set options for specific purposes. These collections are made from Surgical Grade stainless steel and are autoclavable, making it easier to assemble the right combination of instruments for dental procedures.

  1. Upper Impression Tray, XL, 81 mm left-right, 63 mm top-bottom
  2. Upper Impression Tray, L, 73 mm left-right, 58 mm top-bottom
  3. Upper Impression Tray, M, 71 mm left-right, 52 mm top-bottom
  4. Upper Impression Tray, S, 67 mm left-right, 53 mm top-bottom
  5. Upper Impression Tray, XS, 65 mm left-right, 51 mm top-bottom
  6. Lower Impression Tray, XL, 78 mm left-right, 63 mm top-bottom
  7. Lower Impression Tray, L, 74 mm left-right, 62 mm top-bottom
  8. Lower Impression Tray, M, 72 mm left-right, 59 mm top-bottom
  9. Lower Impression Tray, S, 70 mm left-right, 57 mm top-bottom
  10. Lower Impression Tray, XS, 69 mm left-right, 55 mm top-bottom
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