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PJs, Flannel, F01

PJs, Flannel, F01

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Hospital PJs / Flannel Nightwear, F01

Designed for those who can not take care of themselves or semi-self-care and mobility problems. Clothing to facilitate cleaning, changing diapers, improve nursing efficiency. Easy to wear and take off. Time saving for caregivers. Protect the privacy and dignity of care recipients and respect others., facilitats various nursing operations, and facilitates early rehabilitation of patients. Convenient for special care, such as hospital examination, infusion, intubation,check wounds, urination, scrub body. Applicable people: 1.someone confined to bed or the elderly. 2.Surgical operation and bedridden repose are required. 3. Fracture patients, post-operative care and rehabilitation, wound care, inconvenient to wear undressed people.
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