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Suture Skin Pad

Suture Skin Pad

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Suture Skin Pad

Crafted for student training in realistic texture, this 7" x 5" suture silicon pad replicates the anatomical structure of human tissue. With 3 layers of skin, fat, and muscle, it allows for practicing superficial and deep wounds, simulating real-life practical situations. Pre-cut wounds of various depths and sizes are included for diverse learning.

  • The superficial skin layer features a built-in horizontal and vertical fabric mesh for superior durability and rip resistance, ensuring sutures do not cause skin tearing during stitching training.
  • This professionally designed pad offers a variety of pre-cut wounds for effective wound-closing training and advanced learning, mimicking real-life medical situations.
  • 3 layers of skin, fat, and muscle provide a highly realistic human tissue simulation. Ideal for teaching and training purposes.
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