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Bone Curette, Volkmann, 170mm, 5.2mm

Bone Curette, Volkmann, 170mm, 5.2mm

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SKU: 24-270


Volkmann Bone Curette, 170mm, 5.2mm


Designed for orthopedic experts, the Bone Curette, Volkmann is a versatile tool that offers many advantages. In particular, it excels at gently scraping bone surfaces without causing damage or trauma. Its small spoon-shaped tip is perfect for scooping out bone tissue, and its sharp edge allows for precise carving of other tough structures.

  • The instrument also boasts a straight, tapered shaft that can easily reach tight spots, as well as a hollow handle with a thumb depression for improved grip.
  • Crafted from top-quality stainless steel, this instrument guarantees the utmost quality in any operating room.


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